What is warehouse automation?
What is warehouse automation?

What is warehouse automation?

June 1, 2021

In this day and age, technology has pioneered its way to the top in almost every industry. Likewise, in warehousing it has managed to pave the way for companies in making their warehousing practical, efficient, and inevitable in the long run, more cost-effective. 

Technology is making warehousing more efficient by augmenting the work of humans, especially tedious manual tasks, which allows workers to focus on more complex tasks. 

Warehouse automation can take many forms, including machines and robotics that assist employees with inventory processes from the time it enters the warehouse to the time it leaves.

Leveraging warehouse automation solutions can help warehouses increase productivity and accuracy, reduce labor costs and improve safety.

Automating warehousing can seem like a costly step to undertake, and often the upfront costs can seem too shocking that it might be hard to imagine to pay off. However, it is undeniable that automation turns out to be cost saving in the long run. Some of the benefits of automation are: 

  • Reducing damages:

Human error is an inevitable action. Companies tend to spend a lot on damaged products that employees mishandle due to the emergency in meeting their quotas. However, automated machines in warehousing reduce damaged products exponentially. As a result, the company saves inventory cost and also ensures the delivery to their customers on time without delays spent in getting better items. 

  • Reducing labor: 

Possibly the most obvious factor when deciding to switch to automated machines are the savings made by the reduction in labor requirements. Labor cost is reduced to only a few machine operators rather than full-time employees. Additionally, machines don’t require compensation funds, or retirement plans which means the management can save up on these areas as well.

  • Reducing waste:

Automated warehousing equipment is more efficient at utilizing the space optimally. This means less expansion cost when the already available space is utilized better. Further, warehousing machines require less space as they can operate in the standard aisle width as compared with employees. Automated machines also don’t require any paper trail as they can be integrated with your warehouse management system (WMS). 

After analyzing just three of the reasons how automation can make warehousing easier, it is apparent that the future of warehousing lies here. By switching to automated warehousing, you not only eliminate your costs, but also increase warehouse efficiency. So, the sooner you switch, the sooner you save.

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