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Optimized Storage for Long and Bulky Items

Welcome to Raspberry Pakistan, where our state-of-the-art Cantilever Racking system revolutionizes the storage of long and bulky items. Designed to cater to a variety of industrial needs, our cantilever racking is the epitome of versatility and efficiency in modern warehousing.


What is Cantilever Racking?

Cantilever Racking is a specialized storage system designed to hold long, bulky, or awkwardly-shaped items. It consists of a series of arms extending from a central column, providing unobstructed storage space without the limitations of traditional pallet racking. This system is ideal for items like timber, steel bars, pipes, tubes, furniture, and more.

Why Choose Raspberry Pakistan’s Cantilever Racking?

Unparalleled Versatility: Our cantilever racks are uniquely designed to store various types of materials. They are perfect for warehouses, manufacturing facilities, lumber yards, and any industry requiring storage of oversized or irregularly shaped items.

Ease of Access: The open design of cantilever racking ensures easy loading and unloading. It allows forklifts and other machinery to access materials directly, reducing handling time and minimizing the risk of damage to goods.

Customizable Solutions: At Raspberry Pakistan, we understand that every business has unique storage needs. Our cantilever racking can be customized in terms of height, arm length, and weight capacity, ensuring a perfect fit for your specific requirements.

Robust and Durable Construction: Crafted with high-quality materials, our cantilever racks are built to last. They can withstand heavy loads and harsh warehouse environments, providing a reliable and long-term storage solution.

Enhanced Safety Features: Safety in the warehouse is paramount. Our cantilever racking systems are designed with stability and security in mind. From solid baseplates to strategic arm positioning, every aspect is engineered to reduce the risk of accidents and ensure the safety of your staff and goods.

Maximizing Your Warehouse Space

The design of our Cantilever Racking system allows for maximum use of vertical and horizontal space. Unlike traditional racking, cantilever racks do not have front columns, thereby increasing storage space and facilitating easier access. This design is particularly beneficial in warehouses with limited floor space, allowing you to store more within a smaller footprint.

Seamless Integration into Your Warehouse

Our Cantilever Racking system seamlessly integrates into your existing warehouse layout. It can be used as a standalone solution or combined with other storage systems to create a comprehensive warehousing solution. This flexibility allows you to adapt and grow your storage capabilities as your business expands.

Expert Consultation and Support

At Raspberry Pakistan, we don’t just sell racking solutions; we provide a complete service that includes expert consultation, design, installation, and after-sales support. Our team of professionals will work closely with you to understand your specific needs and offer tailored solutions that optimize your storage and operational efficiency.

Sustainable and Eco-Friendly Storage

In line with our commitment to sustainability, our Cantilever Racking systems are designed to be environmentally friendly. By maximizing space efficiency and reducing waste, we contribute to more sustainable warehousing practices.

Elevate Your Storage Capabilities with Raspberry Pakistan

Choose Raspberry Pakistan for a Cantilever Racking solution that combines strength, flexibility, and efficiency. Enhance your warehouse functionality and streamline your storage processes with our advanced systems.

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