Clean Room System

Innovative Cleanroom Solutions by Raspberry Pakistan,(PVT)LTD Collaboration with Wiskind

At Raspberry Pakistan, we specialize in providing cutting-edge cleanroom solutions tailored to diverse industrial needs. Partnering with Wiskind, a leader in cleanroom technology, we bring you an array of high-quality products designed for efficiency and reliability.

Modular Cleanroom Panels: Our cleanroom sandwich panels, developed in collaboration with Wiskind, exhibit exceptional performance. They are factory prefabricated for ease of installation and are adaptable to various industry requirements. Features like removable panels, VHP resistance, and smart design elements make these panels versatile and efficient for a range of applications​​.

Advanced Ceiling Systems: The cleanroom ceiling systems we offer are notable for their robustness and functionality. Comprising modular panels, these systems ensure airtightness and are strong enough to be walked on. Their design allows for seamless integration with the cleanroom panel systems, maintaining the aesthetic integrity of the cleanroom while providing excellent resistance to bending​​.

High-Performance Cleanroom Doors: Suitable for environments such as hospitals, pharmaceutical factories, and food production facilities, our cleanroom doors are designed to meet the highest standards. They feature a flat, high-strength structure, are corrosion-resistant, dust-free, and easy to clean. Most importantly, they are designed for simple installation, streamlining your project’s completion​​.

Diverse Cleanroom Windows: We offer a range of cleanroom windows including double-layer, fireproof, and dimming windows. These windows are integrated with cleanroom panels for optimal sealing performance, and they are adaptable to various industrial needs, backed by technical support for different usage environments​​.

Efficient Cold Storage Systems: Our collaboration extends to cold storage systems, blending excellent quality with a unique style. These systems meet critical requirements for freshness, heat preservation, and deformation resistance, while also being energy-efficient, eco-friendly, and aesthetically pleasing​​.

Comprehensive Cleanroom Equipment: Recognizing the wide application of cleanroom projects in various industries, we provide an extensive range of equipment essential for cleanroom construction and operation. Our offerings ensure that high processing requirements are met across different engineering fields​​.

Raspberry Pakistan(PVT)LTD and Wiskind: A Partnership for Excellence

In collaboration with Wiskind, Raspberry Pakistan, is dedicated to delivering top-notch cleanroom systems that blend innovation with functionality. Our products are designed to meet the stringent demands of various industries, ensuring that your cleanroom environment is efficient, safe, and compliant with the highest standards.