Industrial Conveyor Solution

Vertical Conveyors: Precision Elevating Solutions

At Raspberry Pakistan, we proudly introduce our state-of-the-art Vertical Conveyors, including the robust Prorunner mk1 and the formidable Prorunner mk10-PS. Engineered to elevate your industrial operations, these systems are the pinnacle of vertical lifting technology.

Prorunner mk1 – The Compact Powerhouse

The Prorunner mk1 is a testament to our commitment to delivering compact and efficient vertical transportation. Its slender design belies its strength, capable of reaching the highest infeed/outfeed positions up to 14,100 mm (552 inches).

Key Specifications:

  • Drive: Efficient SEW motor of 0.55 kW.
  • Maximum Product Weight: A substantial 100 kg (220 lbs).
  • Maximum Product Size: Generous dimensions of 910 x 610 mm (36 x 24 inches).
  • Throughput: Remarkable rate of 420 products per hour.

This vertical conveyor is perfect for businesses that require reliability and high throughput without compromising on space.

Loaded Pallet Stacker – Prorunner mk10-PS

For operations that demand heavy lifting, the Prorunner mk10-PS Loaded Pallet Stacker stands ready to serve. This powerhouse excels in stacking efficiency, boasting an impressive infeed/outfeed position of 1,000 mm.

Key Specifications:

  • Maximum Lifting Weight: An impressive 1000 kg for your heaviest loads.
  • Maximum Pallet Size: Accommodates pallets up to 1,650 x 1,400 mm.
  • Infeed Throughput: Efficient handling of 100 single pallets per hour.
  • Outfeed Throughput: Capable of processing 50 stacked pallets per hour.

Whether it’s single pallets or stacked loads, the Prorunner mk10-PS is your industrial ally for vertical stacking tasks.

Linking to Qimarox for World-Class Technology

By incorporating Qimarox’s leading-edge technology in our vertical conveyors, we ensure that your operations are supported by the best in the industry. Learn more about our shared commitment to excellence in vertical conveying by visiting Qimarox.

Expert Design and Consultancy

Raspberry Pakistan, in collaboration with Qimarox, not only supplies top-tier equipment but also provides comprehensive design and consultancy services. Our goal is to optimize your vertical transport capabilities in the most efficient and cost-effective manner.

Elevate with Raspberry Pakistan and Qimarox

Embrace the synergy of Raspberry Pakistan’s local expertise and Qimarox’s global technological leadership. For more information on how our vertical conveyors can transform your operations, visit us at and explore our partnership with Qimarox. Your journey to elevated efficiency starts here.