Modular Container House

Modular Container House by Raspberry Pakistan

Welcome to the world of modern living with Raspberry Pakistan’s Modular Container Houses, in collaboration with Wiskind Cleanroom. Drawing inspiration from Wiskind’s Modular Container House, our container houses redefine convenience and sustainability. These versatile living spaces are designed for easy installation and adaptability, making them ideal for various applications, including medical and isolation facilities. 

Crafted with precision and incorporating Wiskind’s quality, our container houses offer an efficient and cost-effective solution to your space requirements. Experience the future of modular living with Raspberry Pakistan and Wiskind Cleanroom.

Modular Container House With Sandwich Panel

Raspberry Pakistan introduces its innovative Modular Container House with Sandwich Panel, in collaboration with Wiskind. These standardized modular units provide versatility and can be used individually or combined both horizontally and vertically, with a maximum height of up to three layers. The monomer specifications include precise dimensions for length, width, and height, ensuring efficient use of space. The frame features hot galvanized top and bottom profiles, while room insulation incorporates double layers of Glass wool for roof and floor insulation. Environmentally friendly plastic flooring, sandwich panels with Glass wool, Rock wool, or Polyurethane cores for walls, and a complete set of doors and windows make these container houses practical and energy-efficient. Prefabricated circuits, water supply along the wall, and drainage on the side of the wall further enhance their functionality. Raspberry Pakistan and Wiskind Cleanroom present an innovative solution for versatile and sustainable living spaces.