Rolling Shutters and Rolling Grilles: Space-Saving and Economical Solutions

Discover Hörmann’s Ingeniously Simple Construction

Welcome to Raspberry Pakistan’s Rolling Shutters and Rolling Grilles page, where we explore the efficiency and versatility of Hörmann’s aluminium and steel rolling shutters and rolling grilles. These solutions are engineered for economy and have a proven track record of performance in daily use.


Economical and Compact Design

Hörmann’s rolling shutters and rolling grilles are known for their ingeniously simple construction with just a few components. This design not only makes them economical but also highly reliable. These doors consistently prove their worth in various applications, offering both durability and cost-effectiveness.

Optimizing Space

One of the standout features of rolling shutters and rolling grilles is their minimal headroom requirement above the structural opening. These doors roll up compactly behind the lintel, ensuring that no valuable hall space is lost at the sides or ceiling. This space-saving design is ideal for various commercial and industrial settings.

Specialization Beyond Standards

Hörmann’s specialization in rolling shutter and rolling grille construction goes above and beyond normal standards. Our committed and experienced team thrives on implementing special solutions tailored to your unique requirements. We understand that each project is different, and we are dedicated to delivering solutions that meet your needs.

The Compact RollMatic Solution

For applications with confined spaces, the RollMatic rolling grille stands out with its compact design. It requires minimal headroom or fitting depth, making it the ideal solution for store grilles in tight spaces. Despite its compact size, the RollMatic maintains the high standards of quality and performance expected from Hörmann products.

Unlock Energy Savings Potential

Doors often occupy a substantial portion of commercial buildings, making them a significant factor in energy consumption. Hörmann rolling grilles, constructed from robust steel or aluminium bars, are particularly suitable for industrial and commercial buildings. They are commonly used as shop doors in shopping centers, stadiums, and airports, providing security and access control. Additionally, as door closures, rolling grilles efficiently manage access to underground and collective garages while promoting natural ventilation.

Innovative Tension Spring Technology and Operational Safety

Hörmann’s rolling grilles are designed with innovative tension spring technology, ensuring smooth and reliable operation. Operational safety is further enhanced through power limit features, providing peace of mind in every use.

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