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We offer a range of highly innovative and technical loading technology. With dock levellers, dock shelters, and rolling and industrial doors, Raspberry alters manual operation and boosts your logistical activities. It offers a complete system of modern loading technology for logistics operations that is perfectly coordinated

Dock levellers

Hörmann dock levellers are well-designed solutions for precisely compensating the difference in height between various lorry floors and ramps. With dock levellers, the load can be moved in or out of the lorry in a single horizontal movement, which is more stable and therefore safer


Dock Shelters & Seals

Dock shelters protect your goods and staff during the loading and unloading process, keeping them warm and sheltered so that they remain healthy and happy as they work – shelters also help you to cut down on energy costs with a reduced heating bill. If combined with a dock leveller, Hörmann’s dock shelters allow you to cut out the need for complex canopies and ramp assemblies, which will save you time, effort, and excess costs.

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Raspberry with its core products of Industrial Racking, Material Handling Equipment, Smart Cleaning Solutions for Warehouses / Factories, and Warehousing Infrastructure Solutions including; Dock Levellers and Dock Doors’ are addressing the need for a reliable service provider in the industry. However, we are on a continuous hunt to add our product line to make a One Stop Solution Provider for our customers