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Linde Material Handling creates high-performance material flow systems that are adapted to each customer’s demand, allowing users to gain long-term competitive advantages. For more than 50 years, the firm has been establishing standards as one of the world’s largest producers of forklift trucks and warehouse equipment.
Linde employees more than 13,000 individuals all round the world. Linde is meting the specific needs of local markets with production and development resources in all key regions. Linde trucks and solutions are available at all time thanks to a network of more than 8,500 service experts. Linde offers spare part delivery within 24 hours in most countries because to it’s global logistics network.


The forklift truck is the number one choice for intralogistics. Both versatile and powerful, the industrial truck is ideal for transporting and handling goods in warehouses, production sites and outdoor areas


High handling performance and particularly safe handling processes in narrow aisles – Linde Material Handling has designed its turret trucks and vertical order pickers to meet the challenges of very narrow aisles


Load handling in warehouses requires numerous movements and maneuvering, often in confined spaces and at height. Linde reach trucks are tailor-made for these conditions

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Raspberry with its core products of Industrial Racking, Material Handling Equipment, Smart Cleaning Solutions for Warehouses / Factories, and Warehousing Infrastructure Solutions including; Dock Levellers and Dock Doors’ are addressing the need for a reliable service provider in the industry. However, we are on a continuous hunt to add our product line to make a One Stop Solution Provider for our customers.