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Pallets are shelved with the use of carts or elevators. Palletization can be accomplished in two ways: directly accessing each pallet or compacting.


A lightweight solution that can be stored easily and compactly when not in use. They are perfect for organizations that deal in light goods or have little storage space. These stackable plastic pallets can help you save space on your floor and provide a safer, more secure working environment for your employees


Wooden pallets, unlike plastic, are created from a renewable resource (scrap wood) that would otherwise be discarded. Plastic pallets are stiff and difficult to repair, whereas wooden pallets are simple to repair and reuse. Typically, wooden pallets are not reused and are used to move goods overseas due to their reduced cost


Support feet and face board are two parts of steel pallets. It can be divided into two categories: two-way access and four-way access. They are designed to be a tough & long-lasting alternative for businesses that require specialized materials handling. Pallets made of steel are significantly stronger than normal pallets, easier to disinfect, and do not rot or carry bugs

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Raspberry with its core products of Industrial Racking, Material Handling Equipment, Smart Cleaning Solutions for Warehouses / Factories, and Warehousing Infrastructure Solutions including; Dock Levellers and Dock Doors’ are addressing the need for a reliable service provider in the industry. However, we are on a continuous hunt to add our product line to make a One Stop Solution Provider for our customers