Floor Scrubbers in Pakistan

Posted by: Yusra Sajid

Floor scrubbers allow washing surfaces very quickly and efficiently, both in maintenance and strip cleaning operations. Especially in maintenance work, a scrubber dryer allows to remove and take away the dirt in a single step, by leaving the floor immediately accessible. The most frequent case is the daily cleaning of shopping centers, airports, or hospitals. With adequate-sized models, interventions can also be performed in small rooms, ensuring a much higher cleaning standard than the manual one, which does not guarantee the complete removal of the dirty solution from the ground. It is the perfect solution to clean kitchens and community canteens, entrances and hotel halls, shops, open spaces, and meeting rooms.

Even in strip cleaning, as for degreasers or wax stripping procedures and removals of salt efflorescence, the hourly performance of a scrubber dryer is higher than that of a single-brush scrubber for cleaning and a wet/dry vac for the recovery of the dirty solution. Use the scrubber dryer to rinse. You can optimize the working time, as you can carry out the task with just one operator, instead of using a person with a single-brush machine and another one that uses a vacuum cleaner. The scrubber saves time and resources, allowing you to clean faster and more efficiently.