How VNA trucks contribute to driver safety in Pakistan

How VNA trucks contribute to driver safety in Pakistan

Posted by: Yusra Sajid
Category: MHE

In the automotive industry, it has become a given that new cars offer driver support or safety features. Similarly, our Personal Protection System (PPS) increases safety in the narrow aisle. Especially in elevated mode, the driver can’t see what’s happening below him/her, for example when someone accidentally walks in the aisle. The scanner in front of the truck creates 2 zones, a warning zone, and a stop zone, to help the driver avoid possible collisions in the aisle. At this moment PPS reduces the risk of human errors. 

To ensure safe movement through the aisle, speed, height, or fork movement can be restricted on certain dates and time slots. The limitations are also easy to add or remove. Each aisle can be adapted separately and as often as required based on your current needs. 

The 3D layout of your warehouse (in height, depth, and width) with all pallet locations can be programmed into the truck. This way you can instruct the truck to go to certain pallet locations, and the truck will automatically calculate the optimal route from point A to point B. The truck will approach the right pallet location, and adapt its driving speed depending on the lift height: it will go faster at a low height and slower at a higher height. Resulting in a leaner and more productive operation, by reducing cycle times. 

The system also continuously checks if the truck is on the right route. It will stop driving into wrong aisles, stop retrieving/stacking pallets from wrong locations, and instead indicate the correct side for picking, among other tasks. It basically takes away the driver’s guesswork, resulting in more efficient pallet handling.