Industrial Racks in Pakistan

Industrial Racks in Pakistan

Posted by: Yusra Sajid

Industrial Pallet Racking in Pakistan specializes in the design, manufacture, and installation of a wide range of versatile storage equipment from adjustable beam pallet racking in Pakistan and heavy-duty shelving, to ‘live storage and fully integrated ‘turnkey’ warehouse schemes. We operate production techniques that are the most efficient in the industry.

Beams can be removed and repositioned when changes in the use of the racking is adjustable, once the beams are slotted into position in the frame uprights, an interlocking structure of great strength and rigidity is maintained. We have provided pallet racking in Pakistan for over two decades to various industries. Our racking solutions in Pakistan are most preferred among different sectors. From selective pallet racking solutions to drive

through racking solutions in Pakistan, we have got you covered Heavy Duty Racks/Shelving unit is particularly constructed and designed for tough loads between 1000kg – 3000 kgs/UDL (Uniformly Distributive Load) where it is the most suitable system for heavy-capacity warehouse users. Heavy-duty industrial shelf racks are used in

various places like Offices, Police stations, Warehouses, Grocery shops, Stalls, the Metal industry, the Chemical industry etc..The box beam as the levels increased the loading capacity of the Heavy Duty Industrial Shelving Racks. The flexibility of box beam bracket enables more straightforward installation process