What is Forklift in Pakistan? Forklift Prices in Pakistan

What is Forklift in Pakistan? Forklift Prices in Pakistan

Posted by: Yusra Sajid

The first forklift truck used in Pakistan was a hand pallet forklift truck. This truck is used in warehouses of big organizations for different shelves. As the goods are placed on high-rise shelves, that’s why the help of a hand pallet forklift truck is required to transfer and move those goods from one place to another. This forklift truck has two blades attached at the front, carrying the goods to the warehouses and stores. This type of forklift truck is operated manually.

This forklift machine is used in warehouses and carries stacks of goods. As the goods are packaged in boxes, and those boxes are carried with the forklift stacker machine. As stated in the name, this forklift stacker machine weighs around 1.5 tons, designed for small spaces.

This forklift truck is used in open spaces, weighing around 3000 kg. This truck is used on roads to pick up more oversized materials than warehouses. Although this truck is not designed to carry heavy or massive weight, it is designed for open spaces and minor roads where the material has to be picked and shifted.

Type 3t forklift truck:

This forklift truck is manufactured by the Toyota Company and is high-performance. It is designed for large spaces and can carry a massive weight than other types of forklift trucks. This forklift truck machine is also used in open spaces and can take a hefty amount of weight.